Internet for real estate and HOA

We network houses for HOA, housing associations and real estate owners

Not satisfied with your current internet provider at your address? The quality or the price could be better? For housing and commercial units we provide internet connection package Fiber with speed up to 2000/2000 Mb/s. Thanks to the modern transmitting network our internet has low aggregation,, meaning a small decrease in speed during peak hours. There usually is a zero investment from your side into the connection process of house. We also offer an IPTV television service, so you don’t have to deal with new STBoxes when transitioning to DVB T2 terrestrial broadcasting.


  • Non-stop technical support
  • Fast offer and implementation
  • Customised price according to the location and state

SLA 99,9


  • Personal communication throughout the whole cooperation
  • Fast issues-solving of the owner
  • Free connectivity for the camera systém

HOTLINE 24/7/365

How does the installation process look like:

  • Inquiry – We promptly react to your question or inquiry
  • Technician’s visit – we will arrive to personally evaluate the buildings state
  • Customised offer – we will prepare our price offer, that will reflect the individual solutions at your building
  • Closing the contract – framework agreement will define the placement of the equipment and the services provided
  • Implementation – you will have an interet connection in the building and in the indidvidual flats by 2 weeks

How foes the network function in the house

  • Antenna – we install a connector with a transmittion capability of up to 10 GB, which can serve up to 200 flats
  • Wiring – we wire the cables through the accessible routes directly to your flats
  • Wifi router – we will install a a wifi network directly in your home. Router is in the package price.
  • Second router – in case you need a second one we use an amplifier for a better signal distribution. With the arrival of wifi of the sixth generation the reliability is improving.

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