Price list of additional services and goods

Service Price
The dispatch of a technician in case of a problem on the provider’s side FREE
Technician’s dispatch in the event of an error caused by the customer or PC service (for each hour started) 1000 CZK/hour.
Basic home wifi router (including settings) 1000 CZK/Hour
Setting up the customer’s own router 400 CZK
Wifi receiver to USB for fixed PC 350 CZK
Advanced home router (including settings) 1700 CZK
LAN wiring after 230V power distribution (only for new wiring) 1600 CZK
Drilling in the customer’s facility as part of the installation 100 CZK/Pass
Cable beyond 3m within the installation 20 CZK/Meter
Public IP address (for corporate connections already included in the price of the tariff) 100 CZK/Month
Individual antenna (by size) 1000-1600 CZK
VOIP gateway 1599 CZK
Setting up your own VOIP gateway/phone 1000 CZK
Transferring your phone number to us (transfer) 599 CZK
Thwarted survey where the agreed survey object has not been made available 999 CZK
Thwarted installation (customer not responding to contact phone, roof not accessible, etc.) 1999 CZK
Hourly overtime of the technician ordered by the customer 1000 CZK
Statement on the existence of networks (submitted electronically) 200 CZK
Activating a suspended customer 300 CZK

All prices are exclusive of VAT.
The price list is valid from 1.1.2021

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